Santa Barbara’s First Book

The Museum’s Director of Research, Michael Redmon, discusses the first book published in Santa Barbara, and it’s meaning to a town in transition:

“A small booklet appeared toward the end of 1872, Guide to Santa Barbara Town and County by E. N. Wood, printed by E. N. Wood and A. W. Sefton, Job Printers. Not only was it the first book published here, but it was one of the earliest promotional books for any town in Southern California.

The 1870s was an important transitional period in our city’s history. The economy became more diversified, more tied into the national economy with the completion of Stearns Wharf in 1872. The importance of tourism grew; the city’s first luxury hotel, the Arlington, opened in 1875. Wood’s booklet reflected these trends, aimed at visitors, both those passing through and possible settlers.”

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